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The gastrointestinal tract (or stomach and intestines) digests food and makes it ready to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Then it removes wastes from the bloodstream and excretes it from the body. It is part of the digestive system . The digestive system breaks food down into small, nutrient molecules.

Then the blood distributes these nutrients to all tissues of the body and then removes the wastes those tissues produce and any undigested food. The digestive system consists of the oral cavity (mouth), esophagus, stomach, gut (small and large intestines), and rectum. Also, it includes the liver, gall bladder, salivary glands, and the pancreas.

Some gastro intestinal situations may be treated by some over the counter drugs.
So don’t hesitate to come visit us at Philipsburg Pharmacy and ask the opinion of our Pharmacist for an otc drugs for your gastro intestinal problem.