Maintain, Don’t Gain

Maintain Do not gain

Maintaining your weight is a lot easier than losing weight, but gaining weight is still easier than maintaining a healthy weight, especially after a large weight loss.

Get a good routine in place and stick with it. If you need a pep talk or healthy ideas for supplements or other weight loss products, ask your pharmacist, they are experts in the field.

A healthy cycle is to eat right and exercise to lose weight, then modify the diet and see if you can maintain the new, lower weight. If you did, then you are ready to lose more or just keep your healthy body weight under control.

Glaucoma Awareness

Glaucoma Awareness

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, a perfect opportunity to help spread information and facts about this disease that effects over 2.7 million people over the age of 40, in the United States alone!

There are no symptoms and once the vision is gone, there is no getting it back. According to, “As much as 40% of vision can be lost without a person noticing”.

Glaucoma is preventable, and it is more prevelant among African American and Latino populations. Half of those with the disease are not even aware that they have it!

Facts and Statistics
Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health Organization. The best way to protect your sight from glaucoma is to get a full eye examination.

While there is no cure yet for glaucoma, medication can reduce or halt further loss of vision. Visit your healthcare professional today!

Caribbean Pharmacy is the Best Place to Shop

Affordable prescriptions

Our Caribbean pharmacy is the best place to shop because the cost of prescription drugs and medications is very high when you purchase in the United States. If you are vacationing and lose or have forgotten your medications at home, you want to purchase your refills from a pharmacy that will fill your prescriptions with safe and reliable drugs.

While the changes to health insurance and prescription coverages will see huge changes in the United States, if you suddenly become a self-pay patient it is nice to know you have a trusted source where you can get those prescriptions filled, and at great prices, too.

Having an illness or condition that requires medications is stressful enough. Let Philipsburg Pharmacy help ease the financial stress your written prescriptions can cause. You do not have to use the mail order prescriptions your insurance is pushing! This not only runs small, community pharmacies out of business, but you are at risk of losing the face to face interaction with the healthcare professional you trust, your local pharmacist.

Statin Drugs are On the Rise

Statin drugs
Falling Pills

Statin drugs have taken over mainstream media recently on the news and major network daytime talk shows… but what are they?

Statins are used to lower your cholesterol. Too much bad cholesterol in your blood can stick to the walls of your arteries causing narrowing or even blockage of proper blood flow. When exercise and diet does not reduce your levels of bad cholesterol, you may need a statin to interfere with your liver’s production of natural cholesterol.

Safe for most people, prescriptions are required and they are NOT safe for pregnant women or those with liver diseases. They can also have adverse reactions when interacting with other medications.

Always ask you pharmacist about drug interactions!
Researchers have been looking at other conditions that may be controlled or improved with the use of statins such as some cancers, bone health, diabetes, muscle diseases and more.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Did you know that more than 8 percent of Americans have diabetes?

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, making this a great opportunity to discuss this disease and its risk factors.

Some risk factors include:

      Family history


      Blood pressure




    Activity levels

These are just a few of the factors that can affect your chances of developing diabetes.

Preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes can sometimes be helped or delayed losing excess body fat and engaging in a healthy exercise program approved by your doctor.

Your healthcare professional, including your pharmacist, can tell you how to get practical advice about medications, insulin, and glucose meters to help you manage your diabetes.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome

Staying active is a good thing, but the desire to move can be overwhelming for people with restless legs syndrome. Throbbing and other leg sensations cause the sufferer a strong desire to move around just to get relief.

About 1 in 20 people have restless legs syndrome. It is found mostly in women and more serious in those who are middle aged or older. Keeping the legs in motion helps, but this activity can be distracting and cause sleep loss.

“The cause of restless legs syndrome in most cases is unknown. Research shows that affected people often have too little or malfunctioning iron in the brain. Imaging studies show that people with restless legs syndrome have abnormalities in a movement-related brain region where dopamine is active.” According to a recent article published by NewsinHealth.Com.

The disorder appears to be genetic and currently there is no cure. Your doctor may prescribe medicine to control the symptoms.