Tips to Protect Your Liver

Tips to Protect Your Liver. Your liver works hard to protect your health. It’s a rugged, strong organ. But certain things—like alcohol, drugs, viruses and excessive weight—can damage it. You may not even realize when your liver is struggling, because liver disease usually has no symptoms until the problem becomes severe. Help your liver to guard your health by avoiding the things that might cause it harm. Continue reading “Tips to Protect Your Liver”

How to Recognize and Treat Alcohol Addiction

How to recognize and treat alcohol addiction is not a particularly new societal issue on St.Maarten, where alcoholic beverages are more readily available and at a much more ‘reasonable’ price. Many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or an occasional drink at happy hour time . Others might grab a beer while watching a football game. Most people used to drink alcohol moderately, within their limits. Some overdid it occasionally. But more and more people find they can’t control their drinking, which is often used as an excuse for pressure at work and at home. So how do you know when drinking is becoming a problem? And is there anything you can you do, when it is? Continue reading “How to Recognize and Treat Alcohol Addiction”

Philipsburg Pharmacy VOTED #1 BEST 2016 St Maarten Pharmacy

Philipsburg Pharmacy has won the top spot locally for “BEST 2016 St Maarten Pharmacy” where to get advice, where to buy Prescription medicines, Over The Counter drugs, beauty products, sun care products, sunglasses, vitamins, nutritional supplements, drugstore products and much more.

The Pharmacy is also awarded for perfect customer services with FREE Delivery in Philipsburg and nominal fees for delivery outside of town, with affordable prices for prescription drugs and OTC Medicines.

This One of a Kind Pharmacy/Drugstore on the Caribbean Island with one of the most attractive cruise ship ports in the West Indies, offers duty free medications and supplements. Especially cruise ship visitors that previously have experienced medications in Europe – and vice versa – the Americas, that worked well for them, but are not available in their home countries, can be found at Philipsburg Pharmacy as well as her sister pharmacy in Maho Beach Resort area.

Philipsburg Pharmacy the BEST St Maarten Pharmacy offers all the major Pharmacy brands from the US and Europe.
A team of pharmacists and assistants will be more than happy to answer any questions or requests and help you find your way through the ever more complicated world of pharma . And……. our pricing is affordable, PLUS Duty Free!

Come and check us out

#4 CH. E. Voges Street, Philipsburg St. Maarten
Tel: (721) 542-3001
U.S. phone (954) 353-2392
U.S. fax (954) 867-7987

PS. We’re back open and fully operational after last year’s hit by hurricane Irma.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease is about understanding our brain. We rely on our brains for every movement we make, whether writing, walking, talking, or even sleeping. But a serious brain disorder like Parkinson’s disease can rob a person of the ability to do everyday tasks that many of us take for granted. There’s no cure, but treatment can help. And researchers continue to seek new understanding to improve medical care. Continue reading “Understanding Parkinson’s Disease”