Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease is about understanding our brain. We rely on our brains for every movement we make, whether writing, walking, talking, or even sleeping. But a serious brain disorder like Parkinson’s disease can rob a person of the ability to do everyday tasks that many of us take for granted. There’s no cure, but treatment can help. And researchers continue to seek new understanding to improve medical care. Continue reading “Understanding Parkinson’s Disease”

Get Your Flu Shot

Getting the flu shot can reduce the risk that you will get the flu. Getting the flu shot may ease the symptoms, too, if you catch this nasty virus.

There is a wide variety of vaccines:

-The nasal spray is quick, easy and better yet, painless. You sniff and you’re done.
-There is a flu shot that covers four versions of the flu, and one that will protect you from three strains of the flu.
-You can even choose a flu vaccine that uses a shorter needle Continue reading “Get Your Flu Shot”

Fixing Flawed Body Parts

How can you mend a broken heart ? Or repair a damaged liver, kidney, or knee ? NIH-funded scientists are exploring innovative ways for fixing flawed body parts such as organs and tissues or even grow new ones. This type of research is called tissue engineering. Engineering New Tissues and Organs is witness to the exciting advances that continue to emerge in this fast-moving medical field.  Continue reading “Fixing Flawed Body Parts”

Protect Your Hearing

Protect Your Hearing

As the world gets louder and louder, a cacophony of sounds surround us. and the need to protect your hearing becomes more and more critical. We enjoy many of the sounds — like music, birdsong, and conversations with friends. But loud or long-lasting noises—from motors, power tools, and even headphones — can permanently damage your hearing. Take steps to protect your ears from harmful noises. Continue reading “Protect Your Hearing”