Medication Prescriptions should always travel with you

Medication prescriptions should always be at hand when you travel . Be it a short trip or a long journey, a cruise or an overseas flight, your prescription(s), or at least a copy, should always be included with your travel documents.

You never know where and when in “foreign territory” the need arises to get your prescription meds refilled when you run out. Misplace or lose your medications without a prescription and the refill can quickly become a nightmare. Need to go see a foreign doctor, or visit a pharmacist to call your doctor may just fry your nerves too much when in distress over getting that desperately needed refill. Even more so when language become an issue.

Save yourself the headaches and that stress especially on vacation or on a business trip, because with a prescription in hand, no pharmacy in the world will deny you your medications, no matter the circumstances.

In addition you may even find yourself in destinations where medicines are sold at a much friendlier price level than what you are accustomed to. In addition it would be smart to keep your purchase receipt if it is necessary to get reimbursed by your insurance company.

Medication prescriptions; copy them and have them on hand when you need to refill your prescriptions.