Take Your Meds as Prescribed


In the New Year excitement many people focus on eating healthy and exercising more to improve their health, but getting too caught up could leave you forgetting to take your prescriptions or worse yet, thinking you don’t need them anymore.

While living a healthier lifestyle is wonderful and often leads to a reduction or removal of some medications, this is a decision best made by your doctor. If you find you have had a dramatic change in you lifestyle behavior, please schedule an appointment with your doctor so he can re-evaluate your personal situation.

Tips to keeping those resolutions:
-Do it everyday to create a “habit” of the new behavior.
-If it is something you can do first, like exercise, then get your work out in during the first part of the day, so you have no excuses to talk your way out of doing it later in the day.
-Find someone who will help moticate you if you “fall off the wagon”.
-Stay focused. Changes are difficult, just keep your eye on the PRIZE!!!

Good luck and Happy New Year!