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Dick Luttekes of Philipsburg PharmacyPharmacist Dick Luttekes born a twin sibling on May 12, 1962, grew up and got his base education near the Dutch city of Arnhem (One Bridge Too Far). Already at a young age, he was tapped as having a unique mixture of Alpha and Beta learning skills. Mastering the languages french, german and english, easily mixed with chemistry, physics, mathematics and geography and this allowed him to enter college education in both alpha and beta studies.

His university of choice became the highly acclaimed University of Groningen, where he combined his love for chemistry and medicine by choosing pharmaceutical science as a career path.

In 1987 he submitted the thesis “Detection of Tumor Makers in Prostrate Cancer” and graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacology. Two years later he finalized his official studies with a degree that licensed him as a professional compounding pharmacist and started practising in the city of Rotterdam.

Soon after, in 1991, he decided to widen his horizons and work abroad for a few years.  This decision lead to a  3 year contract as pharmacist on the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao where he also met his wife, an architect.

Instead of going back to an offered position ‘home’ in the Netherlands after his contract expired in 1994, he decided to extend his time in the Caribbean when he moved to another Dutch Island: St. Maarten in the West Indies.

In 2002 he founded his own pharmacy in the capital town of the island, Philipsburg. Since then, the pharmacy has grown  substantially from 3 employees towards 20 employees divided over 2 locations, Maho Pharmacy and Philipsburg. His personality and  knowledge of pharmacology are credited for his success that  made Philipsburg Pharmacy a successful pharmacy on the Island.

In recent years his sales territory found natural expansion due to the growing cruise tourism to the island. Many American tourists coming off cruise ships at the nearby cruise port discovered a number of advantages in fulfilling their prescription needs, such as pricing challenges for identical brandname pharmaceuticals and OTC prescriptions.

Dick is currently the chairman of the St Maarten Pharmacy Association.

On a Personal Level as balance to his career, Dick has always allocated substantial time to physical sports.

Dick LuttekesStarting in his high school years with swimming and fieldhockey, he took up rowing in his college years. While in College he spent 8 years with the Groninger Rowing Club Aegir, a 130 year old nationally known sports institution that has delivered many sportsmen on Olympic levels. He was a member of the 8+ crew that won the Dutch championship with a National track record in 1986.

Particularly proud of this accomplishment, he held a post on the board as commissioner of equipment in the year 87-88, while celebrating 110 years of the clubs existence.

Since settling in St. Maarten in 1994 Dick has moved on to more individual sports challenges and is now a cyclist/triathlete to reckon with. Having passed the mid 50s age, he is still considered a fierce competitor, even by much younger athletes.

Stop Spreading the Superbugs

For nearly a century, bacteria-fighting drugs known as antibiotics have helped to control and destroy many of the harmful bacteria that can make us sick. But in recent decades, antibiotics have been losing their punch against some types of bacteria. In fact, certain bacteria are now unbeatable with today’s medicines. Sadly, the way we’ve been using antibiotics is helping to create new drug-resistant superbugs.” Continue reading “Stop Spreading the Superbugs”

Maintain, Don’t Gain

Maintain Do not gain

Maintaining your weight is a lot easier than losing weight, but gaining weight is still easier than maintaining a healthy weight, especially after a large weight loss.

Get a good routine in place and stick with it. If you need a pep talk or healthy ideas for supplements or other weight loss products, ask your pharmacist, they are experts in the field.

A healthy cycle is to eat right and exercise to lose weight, then modify the diet and see if you can maintain the new, lower weight. If you did, then you are ready to lose more or just keep your healthy body weight under control.

Glaucoma Awareness

Glaucoma Awareness

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, a perfect opportunity to help spread information and facts about this disease that effects over 2.7 million people over the age of 40, in the United States alone!

There are no symptoms and once the vision is gone, there is no getting it back. According to, “As much as 40% of vision can be lost without a person noticing”.

Glaucoma is preventable, and it is more prevelant among African American and Latino populations. Half of those with the disease are not even aware that they have it!

Facts and Statistics
Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health Organization. The best way to protect your sight from glaucoma is to get a full eye examination.

While there is no cure yet for glaucoma, medication can reduce or halt further loss of vision. Visit your healthcare professional today!

Caribbean Pharmacy is the Best Place to Shop

Affordable prescriptions

Our Caribbean pharmacy is the best place to shop because the cost of prescription drugs and medications is very high when you purchase in the United States. If you are vacationing and lose or have forgotten your medications at home, you want to purchase your refills from a pharmacy that will fill your prescriptions with safe and reliable drugs.

While the changes to health insurance and prescription coverages will see huge changes in the United States, if you suddenly become a self-pay patient it is nice to know you have a trusted source where you can get those prescriptions filled, and at great prices, too.

Having an illness or condition that requires medications is stressful enough. Let Philipsburg Pharmacy help ease the financial stress your written prescriptions can cause. You do not have to use the mail order prescriptions your insurance is pushing! This not only runs small, community pharmacies out of business, but you are at risk of losing the face to face interaction with the healthcare professional you trust, your local pharmacist.