Fast Pickup

Stop queuing!

Many places here on Sint-Maarten you have to stand in line to wait your turn and that can be time consuming. We at Philipsburg Pharmacy thought, we can do better!!!

If you help us by sending us your prescription via your doctor or by yourself, to us before you come to the pharmacy, we will prepare it for you.

When it is ready for pickup you will receive a text message via SMS and/or an email containing a pincode to use inside the pharmacy on our number kiosk.

As soon as you enter the pincode our staff will be notified that you are in the pharmacy and will give you preference over other waiting patients. Because helping you will (usually) only take a minute.

No more long waiting for just picking up your monthly chronic medication! Also, because we have time to prepare your medication, we can also order your medication if we are out of stock, before you arrive, saving you a second trip to the pharmacy.

Not receiving any texts from us yet??? Contact us and check if we have all your details!